Share & Upload In-house App On The Go

1) Easily upload your iOS or Android application.
2) Share the provided link with testers, clients, friends, or utilize it for personal use.
3) Access the link via the device's browser and initiate the installation process with a simple click.

Features & Services

Upload APK Feature

Backward Compatibility

App On The Go is compatible with iOS 4+ and Android 2+ applications and devices. It allows for the wireless installation of development, ad-hoc, and in-house builds with just a single tap.

Share APK Feature

Drag & Drop

As a developer, effortlessly drag and drop your IPA, zipped .app, or APK files into the designated field above. Receive a generated link to share with your testers, users, bloggers, or friends.

Easy Install

Easy Install

By utilizing this link on their mobile device's browser, users can download and install the app effortlessly with just a single tap - no additional steps required.

Privacy & Policy


The links remain private, ensuring no search or indexing. They have the option to be password-protected and strictly adhere to Apple's security regulations, incorporating UDIDs and provisioning profiles.

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